Breathing Life

Breathing Life

I was inspired to create this painting after listening to Helen Morris’ talk on Ezekiel 37: the valley of dry bones.

God tells Ezekiel to prophesy to the dry bones, and God breaths life into them after Ezekiel’s amazing obedience.

Not long after the talk on Ezekiel 37, I listened to ‘Resurrecting’ by Elevation Worship. Some of the lyrics are ‘by your spirit I will rise, from the ashes of defeat, the resurrected King is resurrecting me’.

I was given the image of a pile of ashes and from it, rising pieces of ash turn in to something beautiful and colourful. Life without or far away from the light of Jesus can be so dull and dark, but with him it is full of colour! He renews us and breathes life into us after the difficult times – through his mercy, forgiveness and grace.

He wants us to remember that once we are saved, we belong to him and he keeps his promise of renewal of our hearts and life long relationship with him, which is represented in this painting by the sparks of colour within the ashes. We belong to him and by his spirit we will rise, he’s our friend who knows us the best, yet also the King of redemption and grace.

– Hannah, Occupational Therapist.


If you want to listen to Helen Morris’ talk on Ezekiel 37, you can do so on our Podcast.