Freedom In Christ: Interview with Helen

Freedom In Christ: Interview with Helen

Helen had her first taste of Freedom in Christ a couple of years ago. She had previously tried the first two sessions at church and wanted to do it again, so when she heard about the course at Coastline she didn’t think too much about it – she just signed up!

“I was just quite interested in what freedom means,” she explained, and went on to highlight how the whole point of the course for her was getting closer to being free and understanding the Biblical definition of freedom.

The most significant part for Helen was the Six Steps to Freedom Day where she forgave many people from her past, and she experienced a noticeable change in her life after that day. She used to wake up every day with a heavy feeling in her (like a weight) and became accustomed to that physical heaviness on a day to day basis until the Six Steps to Freedom Day.

“I noticed a significant change, something inside of me just sort of shifted”.  This wasn’t the only difference Helen noticed in herself; she is more aware now of how one should be when one is free and feels like she is closer to understanding what it means to be free. Given more time, she would fully understand her freedom in Christ. She would definitely recommend this course as she believes “you have the opportunity to have great insight into things that are preventing you from being free” and it helps us to “grow more into how we’re designed to be and how God wants us to be”.


Freedom in Christ runs on Tuesdays. You can join the third session Tuesday 30th January. Sign Up