Freedom In Christ: Interview with Jaime

Freedom In Christ: Interview with Jaime

Jesus came to set us free, yet sometimes this truth doesn’t seem to reach our hearts. Negative thoughts try dragging the past into our present – is this freedom real? The Freedom In Christ course gives you the tools to understand that you can live in freedom in every day life.

We caught up with Jaime who completed the last course in November 2017.

“Freedom in Christ was pitched to me by my lovely wife, who completed the course last year. I did Alpha and then served on the Alpha team, and after that the course just seemed like the natural next step, especially as a newish Christian (I’ve been a Christian for nearly two years). After the first session I thought it was a practical way of seeing faith and setting up my life.

The main thing I got out of the whole course was forgiveness. There was a Six Steps to Freedom Day which allowed me to release certain frustrations and forgive people that I never thought I would really forgive. That’s helped me become lighter in a way because I emptied out so much and at the end felt like I was re-inviting the Holy Spirit to fill me up. I would recommend Freedom in Christ because it really opened up the teachings of the Bible. For me, I not only learned the ‘dos and don’ts’ of the Bible but how to confront specific scenarios and understand its practical teaching for living life.

I would definitely do Freedom in Christ again as a refresher, 100%.”

Our next Freedom in Christ course is free and starts on Tuesday 16th January. Learn more and sign up.