Freedom In Christ: Interview with Les

Freedom In Christ: Interview with Les

Les completed our previous Freedom In Christ Course in November 2017. We got to sit down with him and find out what he thought about it.

Why did you decide to do the course?

I’d been to Alpha previously as I’m quite new to faith, and I was desperate for more. I needed more teaching, I wanted more knowledge and more advice. I just wanted to understand faith, my faith, more and where I’m going with it.

What were your initial thoughts after the first session?

I knew the course was going to be relevant and that I needed to be there. This sounds a bit cheesy but it was going to help me find myself and help me on my journey to get on track.

What did you get out of Freedom in Christ (now that you’re at the end)?

The biggest thing I drew from this…? It was forgiveness,  that was the biggest challenge. A very close second was, I learnt how I’m expected to behave from God’s perspective. I’ve made some quite serious life decisions and changes based on the course, things like the company I keep and my habits…the course has done a lot for me and helped me.

Would you recommend it?

Oh 100 percent. I would recommend it for people who are really trying to examine their faith. I think it helps to focus an individual, and I believe that it would help existing Christians with a strong belief get back to basics. But that’s just my opinion. I think it would remind Christians of what God wants in their life and where they stand with God as well; there are a lot of Christians out there who are depressed and still suffer from anxiety, who still don’t like themselves. That’s not what God wants. This course reminds people of their own self-worth in Jesus.

Jackie recommends that people should complete the course a second time, would you do it again?

Yes definitely. For someone like myself, with my information retention, I’ve probably only retained a proportion of the course so I’m going to need to refill the gaps again.


Freedom in Christ runs on Tuesdays. You can join the second session Tuesday 23rd January. Sign Up