What Happened At Cause To Live For 2016

What Happened At Cause To Live For 2016

cause16Over the weekend, a large number of our Students, 20s & 30s travelled up to chilly Nottingham for Cause To Live For 2016 – a two day national Vineyard conference which aims to inspire and equip our young generation. Andy Smith (Belfast City Vineyard), Miriam Swaffield (Fusion) and Ben Cooley (Hope For Justice) all delivered incredible teaching, and Martin Smith and Sam Lane led worship.

Some of our students & 20s give us an insight below into what made the conference valuable, and how it impacted them.

What did you love most about Cause To Live For?

“The number one thing I loved about Cause To Live For was the worship. There seemed to be an extra focus on the theme with Miriam speaking about the importance of worshipping – even when we don’t feel like it.

“This was probably the first time I’ve come away from a christian conference and lost my voice!”

– Steven

“Cause To Live For was my first weekend away with the Vineyard church. I absolutely loved it! Watching churches gather and worship together was incredibly moving, the presence of God was so powerful! The talks were encouraging, I especially enjoyed the interview with Martin Smith and Ben Cooley. Hearing their stories and their faith in God spoke deeply to me.

“My favourite part of the weekend was spending time with the friends I went with, worshipping together and encouraging one another – it was an awesome experience.”

– Annie


Why is Cause To Live For an incredible opportunity for our Students?

“Cause is amazing because Students get to build incredible friendships within our church while also seeing the amazing family that Vineyard is. They understand they’re not doing this on their own but doing this journey with a massive family backing them!”

– Sam (Student Pastor)

15129483_1260982407273636_3412330014685984614_oWhat did you take away from Cause To Live For?

“Cause To Live For gathers young people on fire for God from all over the county and places them in one room. The room itself holds no value, but the collection of people within reverberates with God’s presence. I knew that if I went forward for ministry and prayer, I would have brothers and sisters standing by my side praying for me – cheering me on into what god has planned for me.

“This weekend was packed and intense but I grew so many relationships to a deeper level, because nothing bonds you like lack of sleep and a shared desire to love the King and live the kingdom!”

– Lily

“I love the Vineyard, for many reasons, but one of them is that they run brilliant conferences – such as Cause To Live For. These are amazing family gatherings where we you meet likeminded and like-hearted people from all over the UK and Ireland. You walk in feeling right at home among people who have come from different places but all share the same values.

“Sung worship times are cherished, filled with expectancy to meet Jesus. Worship overspills into ministry, where ‘everyone gets to play’ – the family caring for one another, praying and asking God to meet each other. It’s a little messy, but it’s family, with God given full permission to move however He wishes – no one minds, there’s just a longing and a desperation for more of Him.

“Teaching is captivating and transforming. It’s one big encouragement to go and be Jesus to a world that longs for Him. It’s honest and real, empowering those gathered to believe and seek a preferred reality for themselves, their town, their nation.

“So – What did I get from Cause? Well, I’ll be moving forward with a new encouragement that the world really can be changed, that God passionately wants to see His children come to know Him, and that He wants to use us – those who do know Him – to help. I’m moving forward knowing that with God everything is possible, and that He is looking to restore everything.”

– Jonny (Worship Leader)

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