and Values

our vision statement

God has called us to build a growing and vibrant church, where people come to know God, love Him more, and become all that God has made them to be.
We are committed to personal transformation, investing in a community of love and encouragement, ministering to those far from God, and making disciples.
We are called to be authentic followers of Jesus whose lives are marked by intimate worship, courageous faith, passionate service and extravagant generosity.
We want to see the spiritual renewal of our town and nation, and to always be known as a people who love the King and live the Kingdom.


The Vineyard Movement is a worldwide network of over 1,500 churches, led in its earliest years by the late John Wimber. The Vineyard Movement is committed to seeing each generation reached by the power of the Gospel.
With a view to embrace integrity in Christian character, along with the activity of the Holy Spirit, each Vineyard church seeks to be an outpost of God’s compassionate love in a broken world.
The genetic make up (the DNA) of the Vineyard significantly influences who we are and what we prioritise.


We are hungry for the presence of God, to hear His voice, to follow Him and become more like Him.


We long to create an environment and practice of healing. We hope to see people experience spiritual, physical and emotional freedom and wholeness as they spend time in God’s presence.
People are healed and made whole by moving their attention from themselves onto Jesus. We place a high value on the Holy Spirit capturing people’s hearts and producing a change in them.


We want to live with a sense of expectancy and foster an environment of growth. Spiritual growth is a product of the initiating, empowering work of the Holy Spirit and of our active cooperation with Him.
He engages our minds, wills and emotions and He expects us to respond.


We believe in and will seek to foster a very strong team focus and emphasis throughout the church.


We intend to continually adapt to and embrace change to ensure we do not stagnate.
The church is not an organisation but an organism, and we place high value on being the church rather than just going to it.


We want to do the stuff that Jesus did and to be intentionally looking to serve the needs of the town and it’s people.
We want to be noticeable, we want to be a light on a stand that shines truth and hope into our town.


Prayer is at the heart of all we do as we actively communicate with God and express to Him our thankfulness.


All people matter to God, so all people matter to us! We want to be people who extend grace and mercy to each other. We are committed to nurturing an atmosphere of mutual acceptance, open communication and trust, which encourages each person to work towards their full potential in Jesus.
We want to create opportunities and a community that is open to anyone, whatever their past, wherever they are at in their journey of considering or pursuing Jesus.


We want to build a community that develops open, honest and genuine relationships, enabling us to support each other as we seek to be more Christ-like.


We believe an aspect of our role is to teach, train, equip, and model how family members participate and how healthy families function. Church is not just a place to attend but it is a community to be part of. Like-minded people forming a family bond through friendship.
We believe the church will be multigenerational and multicultural. We also believe we will have a specific focus on reaching the emerging generation.


Jesus came to serve, not to be served. We believe that the things our leaders model will be reproduced among the community and we long for that to be serving and preferring others.
We see leadership as functional rather than positional.


We believe that everybody who follows Jesus gets to participate in the Kingdom work! This is a place to come and try things, to have a go and to take some risks.
This doesn’t necessarily mean everybody can do everything or would even be best at everything, but instead that Jesus intended for us all to be active participants.


We aim to centre everything we do around Jesus. We believe He is the head, owner and operator of His church.
Jesus always obeyed His Father’s voice and did His works, and we aim to do likewise.


The lens through which we see things is the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is the future reign of God breaking into the present through the life and ministry of Jesus.
We are committed to proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God and bearing witness to the ‘now and not yet’ of the Kingdom.


Worship leads us into the presence of Jesus and by His Holy Spirit He stirs compassion within us.
We expect to generously spend time, money and resources on others.


Coastline Vineyard was planted in 2015 and we are expectant that one day we will be sufficiently resourced to be able to plant churches ourselves, including other expressions of the Vineyard in Bournemouth itself.
We also long to work with, learn from and honour the wider church.


The Bible is central to our teaching, life and faith. We aim to hear and obey God’s Word and try to do what it says as we are continually transformed into people who reflect the life and character of Jesus.
It is not enough to be biblically literate, we want to be biblically obedient too.


This is our highest priority. Worship changes us.
We cannot encounter God’s presence in worship without being changed as we move our focus from us onto Jesus.


We long for Coastline Vineyard to be a church that acts like a hospital, school, community and army:
Hospital – to find healing, freedom and wholeness.
School – to be trained and equipped to do the stuff Jesus did.
Community – to be known, belong and know others.
Army – a group of ordinary people seeking to do extraordinary things, empowered by the Holy Spirit.


We want to equip people to live out their faith in a way that changes their lives, the lives of others and resets the very culture of this town.
We believe that this will be a resourcing church. We want to resource people to practically live out their faith.