Coastline Vineyard Church + Coastline Production Audio Volume Statement


At Coastline, Worship is our highest priority. A key time for us to express this is during sung worship on a Sunday when we all gather together. Sunday worship is a chance for us to make a joyful sound to God, individually and corporately.

As Coastline Production, we value excellence and consistency, and our main objective for Sunday worship is to create a full, high quality sound - our team’s worship to God - which enables a distraction free time of worship, pointing believers and non-believers to Jesus.


We understand that volume is somewhat subjective, and that people like different levels of sound, so we have put the following procedures and recommendations in place to maintain a safe and consistent balance of sound and volume, based on our vision.

  • The sound will be no louder than ~85dBA (slow) as measured at the sound desk.
  • The sound will be no louder than ~95dBA (slow) as measured at the front row of the main block of chairs.some text
    • Exposure to 95dBA for 30 minutes (the average length of Sunday worship) is within the sound level guidelines set out by Health and Safety England (HSE).
  • Our volunteer team will be trained by our paid members of staff. They will also be given monthly feedback and support, and regular refresher sessions.
  • The sound desk area will only be accessible for the Sunday Overseer, Coastline Kids Team and Coastline Production Team. In circumstances where you want to discuss the sound during the Sunday Gathering, please speak to the Sunday Overseer. 

N.B. these levels are significantly quieter than a live music gig, and quieter than a cinema experience. 


  • If you are looking for a loud, full and clear sound, we recommend you stand in the main block of chairs towards the front.
  • If you’re looking for a quieter sound, we recommend you stand on either side of the stage (by the grand piano or by the 0-4s entrance).
  • If you stand towards the back or in the side aisles, you may notice a lack of clarity or excessive reverb due to the shape and surfaces of the building - this can often be confused with a sense of excess volume.
  • If the sound where you desire to sit or stand is still too loud for you, then you can collect a pair of ear defenders or ear plugs from the Sunday Overseer.

Thank you continuing to care about the safety and well-being of our congregation and volunteers, and for partnering with us to fulfil the Lord’s vision for Coastline Vineyard Church. LTK